Toyota 4Runner, overlanding in Utah on the Great Western Trail

The GPX File

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on our GPS route for the Great Western Trail. This file should very much be considered a living document as roads are closed, opened, or trail conditions change. It can be completed in most any high clearance vehicle and as long as you don’t run into mud and you skip Smiley Rock trail before Jerome, AZ.

When following our route we have established a set of rules to help you navigate the trail in the best way possible.

The Laws:

  1. Bring extra trash bags with you on the trail and remove trash as you see it.
  2. Follow the seven Leave No Trace principles!
  3. The GWT is best run starting after August 1st due to seasonal road closures and snow melt. As early as July 4th is possible, but depending on the snow pack you may run into impassible snow drifts on the road. A lot of people have criticized us for not simply driving around them, however this is not good for the environment and goes against the Leave No Trace principles. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS, this is how we lose access to the precious land we love exploring.
  4. The route is best run starting in Idaho and heading south to Arizona, this allows you to hopefully avoid the scorching desert heat in the southwestern region.
  5. Know your limits, know your truck’s limits, and make informed decisions about the amount of risk you are willing to take on. We take no responsibility if you get lost, injured, or attacked by bears. 
  6. Share any suggestions on the route you have to us, maybe you know a better way to get through an area than we do, or you know how to eliminate a paved section. There are three main paved sections. In Utah between Hardware Ranch and Park City, in Arizona around the Grand Canyon, and in Arizona before the town of Patagonia. 

We’ve enacted a pay what you want model for the GPS file. If you can’t afford it or don’t want to pay please just put in 0 for your price!

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