March 2017 Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma World Joshua Tree meet


We were late to the party.

After a full day of work on Friday I woke up at 5AM on Saturday, loaded my truck with camping supplies, and shoved off towards Joshua Tree national park. After a few hours of driving and the obligatory Taco Bell stop for breakfast we pulled into the gas station in Twenty Nine Palms. As luck would have it another squadron of 4Runners pulled in and we joined them on the way to camp. 

Upon arrival to what affectionately became known as "Chilitown" A.K.A. camp we were welcomed by over 50 Toyotas who had spent Friday night as well. After quickly setting up our camp we were eager to explore the Old Dale mining district and check out some of the sights. 

While abandoned hot rods and great views are cool we wanted to find a mine we could explore so four of us set off in an attempt to follow a road we could see leading up to the top of a hill. After a few turnarounds we were on our way to the mysterious summit hoping there was a place large enough to turn around and a mine at the top.

We were lucky there was only four of us headed up that road, the turnaround at the mine was just large enough to fit all of us without having to back down a very rocky and narrow road.

After taking some shots around camp we all tried the chili for the chili cookoff and had a great time relaxing by the fire and watching Tremors on the projection screen someone had brought along. 

Sunday was the day to pack up and head home attempting to go on dirt all the way to the 10 through Joshua Tree. After attempting a few "shortcuts" we gave up and took Gold Crown road into the national park and then headed home. Overall it was a fantastic trip, making new friends and catching up with others in the desert during a superbloom. I made a short video of the trip viewable in 8K below.

Cole Sprague