How to Change your Air Filters in a 2010-2018 Toyota 4Runner

Replacing your own cabin and engine air filters for your Toyota 4Runner is a quick and easy DIY anyone can do. When you're off road your filters get clogged up more more quickly than when you're driving on the road so they need to be replaced several times a year. 

We skip the dealership for our air filters and order off of amazon to save a big chunk of change. The engine air filter can be purchased from Amazon here and the cabin air filter can be found here.

The engine air filter is just 4 clips on the airbox under the hood and a quick swap.

For the cabin air filter empty out your glove box then remove the small black door with the two clips and then the inner white door with the two clips. Swap out the filters and you're done. 

In total Amazon cost us $30 and replacing the filters took less than 5 minutes. The dealership wanted $80 to swap filters. It's a no brainer DIY especially if you off-road and need to change your filters several times a year.