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The Mojave Road

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What We Do

We are film industry professionals with expertise in creating high quality branded content for outdoor and adventure brands. We use 8k cinema cameras and professional grade techniques to create engaging media that is memorable, shareable, and stands the test of time. We've worked with brands as diverse as Lululemon, Journeys, and Dirt Sports + Off-Road.

We offer many ways to reach your audience, from demo videos to viral stunts to embedding your product in our ongoing overland docu-series.

Contact us to find out how video can revolutionize your business.


Exploration is our goal


Our Los Angeles based crew of two loves exploring the world where most people never go. The hottest deserts, the coldest mountains, and the rainiest forests are where you can find us and our 2016 Toyota 4Runner. We try to bring as many friends with us as possible and make new ones along the route so if you see us don't be afraid to say hello!


Driver, Cinematographer / Cole Sprague





Navigator, Producer / Katie Schmitz



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